McCoy Training

At McCoy Accounting Advisors, we work with the latest accounting software every single day. That is why we offer accounting software training for businesses looking to streamline and optimize their processes.

We leverage our professional knowledge to train your team on the latest accounting software programs, as well as tips, tricks, and best practices in the accounting world. With our accounting software training, your team will learn the proper interaction with top software platforms like QuickBooks Online and Xero. These accounting and business management software platforms make managing and tracking your accounting information simple.

With our training and setup, we make it easy for you to:


  • Learn your chosen accounting software system
  • Access your financial information online, anywhere, anytime
  • Create effective and efficient workflows that make sense to you, your staff, and your accountant
  • Enable online payments to streamline your business operations

We Train On:

  • Importing client information
  • Importing data from one software platform to another, when available
  • Invoicing, payments & reconciliation
  • Creating and paying bills
  • Building and reading reports
  • And much more…

Realistically, the majority of your business operations can be executed from one simple accounting software program, but it’s up to you to ensure your team knows how to use it efficiently and effectively so you can optimize your business performance. We can help!

We offer customized accounting software training services that fit the intricate needs of your business and your team. Please contact us for additional details and to set up a time to talk about training options available to you and your team.

We look forward to helping you and your team streamline your processes so you can save time and money to level up your business!